Campus News: Students Travel to Music Studios

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Students Travel to Music Studios
Merritt Jenkins - 3/25/2022

Students Travel to Music Studios


Ten students recently visited various music studios in the Tennessee area as part of their Intro to Music Business course. The trip, which consisted of tours, observations, and Q&As, was led by Lee's Assistant Professor of Music, Dr. Luke Gambill.


"Though we have a robust music business program here on campus, nothing beats the experience of seeing your potential future careers unfolding right in front of you," said Gambill. "Visiting a couple of Nashville's finest recording studios, experiencing a string recording session, hearing from alumni who are working in Nashville, and having the opportunity to hear from a successful record label and publisher are all priceless, and this is a trip we plan to do each year."


Over the course of a day, the students visited In:ciite Studios, Treasure Isle Studios, Centricity Music and Publishing, and Lee alumni in Nashville who have gone on to pursue a career in the music industry.


"This trip was amazing!" said Maxwell Murray, music business student. "Touring some of the top studios in Nashville and making connections within the music industry was the biggest highlight for me. It's great to read, learn, and have discussions in the classroom, but it's also so important to experience things firsthand; that's what we were able to do, thanks to Dr. Gambill."


At In:ciite Studios, a wide-range recording and audio post-production facility in Franklin, Tennessee, students were led on a personal tour by CEO Chris Thomason.


Treasure Isle Studios is the second oldest independently owned studio in Nashville still under its original management. While there, students observed a one-hour strings recording session, as well as union players, producers, recording engineers, and a studio assistant.


They also visited alumni at Christ Church in Nashville: Christopher Phillips, worship pastor at Christ Church; Phil Nitz, staff arranger at Christ Church; and Kris Crunk, freelance producer and arranger. After lunch, the students were able to ask the alumni various questions during a Q&A session.


Finally, students toured Centricity Music and Publishing and met with CEO John Mays and his team.


"Our students had the opportunity to see how valuable relationships are in the music industry and the chance to begin some great relationships with those they were able to meet and hear speak," said Gambill. "I teach our music business students to work hard, to never burn a bridge - you may need that person in the future, or they may need you. Proving yourself a hard worker and a good 'hang' are extremely vital to be successful in this industry, and the many conversations throughout the day were a confirmation. It was a remarkable day for our students, and I look forward to more of these experiences for them."


The trip was scheduled by Russell Mauldin, multi-Dove Award winner and producer, and Lee alumni from the graduate program, who were with Gambill and the students throughout the day.


For more information about Lee's music business program, visit or contact Gambill at


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