Campus News: School of Nursing Holds Spring Nursing Innovation Expo

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School of Nursing Holds Spring Nursing Innovation Expo
Merritt Jenkins - 3/24/2022

School of Nursing Holds Spring Nursing Innovation Expo


The School of Nursing (SON) recently held its second Nursing Innovation Expo as part of the Leadership and Professional Practice course for senior nursing students.


Prior to the event, 28 nursing students divided into six teams and were asked to identify a problem they had noticed during their clinical rotations. During the expo, an eight-hour Shark-Tank style competition, students presented their ideas to a panel of "Sharks" (guest judges) from Lee's campus and the Cleveland community.


"In the course for senior nursing students, we recently added 'nurse innovation' to the curriculum based on recommendations in the Institute of Medicine's 'Future of Nursing' report," said Amy Moody, lecturer of nursing at Lee. "As part of the expo, students are challenged to come up with a product, policy, or process change to solve the problem they identify."


Judges included Lee's Dr. Sara Campbell, dean of the School of Nursing; Dr. Guy DeLoach, associate professor of business; Dr. Jean Eledge, assistant vice president for academic affairs; and Dr. Dan Lawson, professor of educational leadership, along with other Lee faculty, students, and nurse leaders from Tennova and Memorial hospitals.


"Each semester we are amazed with the quality and professionalism of these students and their innovative ideas," said Dr. Amy Jo Perry, assistant professor of nursing at Lee. "They are developing leadership and innovative skills that are critical in today's healthcare setting."


The students' ideas were scored based on the problem and necessity, innovation, details, feasibility, professionalism, and answers to the judge's questions. 


Students presented a variety of ideas, including "Cardiac Compressor," "Education Innovation," and "The ACT."


The winning team's project, "Sync Up," created a system of wireless Bluetooth cardiac monitors to improve consistency of monitoring for quality patient care. Team participants were Rebbecca Cantrell, Riley Henry, Emma Ing, and Lisania Perryman, and were led by Perry, their faculty coach.


"In our leadership class this semester, we learned that nurses are equipped and empowered to be innovative partners in healthcare, to help develop new, better ways to deliver patient care," said Henry. "This experience opened my eyes to how we can influence change, find solutions to problems, and use our creativity and experiences at bedside to impact change and find better, safer, more efficient products and processes for our patients."


The day closed with an interview with guest speaker Kathleen Puri, founder of Fitsi Health, an award-winning, innovative caddy for hospital beds that holds hand sanitizer and other hygiene materials. 


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