Campus News: Lee Granted Subaward from NSF

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Lee Granted Subaward from NSF
Eliza Souers - 10/6/2021

Lee Granted Subaward from NSF


Lee recently received a National Science Foundation grant subaward of $32,000 from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as part of the National Consortium for Synergistic Undergraduate Mathematics via Multi-Institutional Interdisciplinary Teaching Partnerships (SUMMIT-P).


"This award is the result of the excellent work done not only by Dr. Caroline Maher-Boulis and the SUMMIT-P team, but also by the entire faculty of Mathematical Sciences," said Dr. Blayne Carroll, department chair. "It confirms the confidence that the National Science Foundation has in the professionalism of our faculty and the quality of our programs."


Maher-Boulis, professor of mathematics at Lee, leads the Lee team, which includes Dr. Bryan Poole, associate professor of psychology; Dr. John Hearn, associate professor of chemistry; and Dr. Jason Robinson, associate professor of education.


Five years ago, the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded a grant to 11 institutions across the country, forming SUMMIT-P. The grant was meant for the institutions to be able to renew the lower division undergraduate mathematics curriculum based on research about the needs of partner disciplines.


SUMMIT-P studies the role of inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional faculty learning communities in building collaborations for meaningful curricular change. Its goal is to enrich the content of the math courses in order to make it more meaningful to students in their chosen specialties. The 35 people across 14 institutions involved in SUMMIT-P work together to improve mathematics education at the collegiate level.


The grant has been extended for another year. The supplemental funds will support the consortium to build sustainability plans with the National Numeracy Network, strengthen partnerships with two NSF INCLUDES Alliances, share outcomes and discuss ideas with national colleagues from a wide array of partner disciplines, and assist the evaluation team with extensive analyses and distribution of existing SUMMIT-P data and results.


The subaward provides additional support for faculty presentations at conferences, where they can share with members of other disciplines the successes of their last five years of work.


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