Campus News: Snider Earns PhD

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Snider Earns PhD
Shayna Ryan - 8/24/2021

Snider Earns PhD


Dr. Kevin Snider, assistant professor of Christian ethics, earned his Doctor of Philosophy in analytical moral theology/philosophical Christian ethics from Middlesex University this summer.


Snider's dissertation is titled "The Nature of Temptation and its Role in the Development of Moral Virtue: An Exploration in Analytical Moral Theology." Based on James 1:14, the nature of human action and the role desire plays in it, Snider's dissertation argues the idea that in order for humans to develop moral virtue, they need a world that allows for experiences of temptation.


Snider began his PhD journey and joined the part-time faculty at Lee in 2013. In 2016, he became a full-time lecturer in the School of Religion. With a research specialization in analytical moral theology, Snider mainly lectures courses in Christian ethics. According to Snider, he challenges his classes to wrestle with questions about sin, sanctification, moral responsibility, and practical wisdom, and his students helped guide his research as they discussed virtue ethics, moral psychology, and philosophy of action.


"My students helped shape the direction of my thesis, although they didn't know it," said Snider. "While I will continue to research, and perhaps write on occasion, the real fruit of the journey, I hope, is in making me a better teacher."


Snider graduated with his master's degree in Theological Studies from Lee in 2014, his Master of Divinity from Pentecostal Theological Seminary in 2013, and his bachelor's degree in Christian ministry and Bible from Lee in 2009. 


He and his wife Tara have been married for 11 years and have a 7-year-old son named Luke. Outside of teaching, Snider enjoys hiking and running with his German Shepherd.


"The PhD journey gave me tools to be a better liaison between students and the academic discipline," said Snider. "The journey was long… but my family was incredibly supportive, and I have superb colleagues and administrators who were dialogue partners and generous."

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