Campus News: Sacci Speaks to Lee Math Students

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Sacci Speaks to Lee Math Students
Jamuna Gautam - 10/9/2020

Sacci Speaks to Lee Math Students

Lee University recently welcomed Dr. Robert Sacci, a lab chemist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, to speak to students on open math problems in the national laboratories.


“We are grateful that Dr. Sacci would take time out of his schedule to bring such an important presentation to Lee,” said Dr. Debra Gladden, associate professor of mathematics. “The energy and excitement that this type of event brings to our students spills over into the classroom and makes learning even more enjoyable for them.”


According to Gladden, Sacci’s presentation emphasized “big problems” facing the world, such as energy conservation, battery efficiency, and nuclear waste storage. He described the problems as mathematics problems and highlighted that the integration of mathematics and chemistry is required in understanding such problems.


“Dr. Sacci talked about the types of projects Oak Ridge typically works on,” said Samuel Gruber, a sophomore applied mathematics major. “As a student looking to get into research, I found pretty much every topic he covered fascinating.”


Sacci’s research is centered on developing and applying new techniques to probe reactions and structures that occur or form at interfaces in real time. He was recognized with the Graduate Student Award by the Electrochemical Society in 2010 and 2011 and the Microscopy and Microanalysis Postdoctoral Award in 2014.


He earned a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

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