Campus News: DeLaLuz Awarded Rank of Distinguished Professor

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DeLaLuz Awarded Rank of Distinguished Professor
- 7/13/2020

DeLaLuz Awarded Rank of Distinguished Professor


Dr. Paul DeLaLuz was recently promoted to Distinguished Professor of Chemistry by the Board of Directors. This title is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a member of Lee's faculty.


DeLaLuz is one of only 10 professors in the university's history to be awarded the title of Distinguished Professor.


A 1993 alumnus of Lee, DeLaLuz returned to take his place on the other side of the podium after completion of his doctorate in bio-organic chemistry from the University of Kentucky in 1997.  


He received the Excellence in Advising Award from Lee in 2001, the Excellence in Teaching Award in 2005, and, in 2006, he was selected as department chair for the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and currently serves as the chair for the Department of Natural Sciences.


"I am humbled by this promotion," said DeLaLuz. "I know that God has called me to build the kind of relationships with future generations of students that I experienced at Lee.  I am grateful to be at Lee and to have this calling on my life."


DeLaLuz teaches in the general chemistry and biochemistry sequences, preparing both non-majors and students within the pre-medical programs. He also enjoys connecting with the students at Lee by leading culture and language immersion classes and teaching freshmen Gateway courses.


He and his wife, Kelly, have three daughters, Morgan, Darbi, and Becca.

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