Campus News: Lee Religion Majors Publish Lessons in Winterfest Devotional Book

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Lee Religion Majors Publish Lessons in Winterfest Devotional Book
Cana Cooper - 3/15/2020

Lee Religion Majors Publish Lessons in Winterfest Devotional Book


Seven Lee University youth ministry majors recently developed youth ministry lessons that were published in the Winterfest Discipleship 108 book, a devotional book created for Winterfest's spiritual retreats.


"I was happy to invite these Lee University youth ministry majors to make a contribution," said Dr. Randall Parris, international coordinator of global youth leadership for the Church of God international youth and discipleship department. "These young authors helped provide student pastors and youth leaders with high quality, doctrinally sound, and relevant discipleship material. They used their passion and skill to ultimately influence the hearts, minds, and souls of thousands of students through this discipleship resource."


The students who created the lessons include Julia Close, Valerie Fuqua, David W. Hall, Robby Hirschman, Zachary Laspina, Josiah Liljekvist, and Jamie Savley. Dr. Lorinda Roberts, assistant professor of youth and family ministry at Lee, also created one of the lessons while assisting the students in their research and development of the project.


"This publication is the eighth edition in the Church of God Youth and Discipleship's commitment to develop our own unique youth discipleship curriculum," said Parris. "This resource was developed with youth leaders and students in mind."


The Bible studies follow the book's focus on four areas of a student's spiritual journey: belief, discipleship, servanthood, and transformation. The books are provided free of charge to every youth pastor/leader who attends a Winterfest Youth Retreat and are available online.


Parris also plans to translate the book into several languages including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Dutch.

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