Campus News: Lee Students Establish ASL Club on Campus

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Lee Students Establish ASL Club on Campus
Cana Cooper - 1/30/2020

Lee Students Establish ASL Club on Campus

Lee University students founded a new club on campus in the 2019 fall semester titled "ASL Club." The purpose is to share a general awareness for deaf culture and community through this club.

"The club also gives a great opportunity to connect students across the spectrum of ASL knowledge," said Mackenzie Ohman, president of the ASL (American Sign Language) club. "ASL is something I became very passionate about this past summer after taking the first two sign language classes. It's such a beautiful language with a rich culture."

ASL is a visual language most commonly used by deaf individuals in the United States. ASL is offered at Lee University as a foreign language credit.

"ASL club is a place for students to practice what they have learned in a fun and relaxed environment with other ASL students," said Dr. La-Juan Bradford, director of academic support and faculty sponsor of the club.

ASL club was founded by students who are currently taking or have already taken ASL classes. However, new members are not required to have prior experience with signing. 

The club averages about 10 people per meeting and are heavy with signing, according to Alexandra McNulty, vice president of the club.

"My hope for the club is that it continues to help students become more aware of the language and culture as we continue to find new ways to practice and learn ASL," said Ohman.

ASL club meets every Monday at 7 p.m. in the Humanities Center on Parker Street. 

For more information, contact Ohman at 

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