Campus News: Students Visit North Lee Elementary for Seasonal Science

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Students Visit North Lee Elementary for Seasonal Science
- 1/8/2020

Students Visit North Lee Elementary for Seasonal Science


Nine biology majors, along with their biology professor Dr. Lori West, recently participated in a service project with North Lee Elementary kindergarteners. West and her students spent the morning doing hands-on holiday-themed science activities with each of the kindergarten classes.


"My students and I always enjoy sharing our passion for science with the community," said West. "We loved working with the kindergarten students (and teachers!) at North Lee this year. To see the expressions on their faces when they performed the experiments was truly rewarding."


The Lee group helped the students make ornaments while learning about oil and water, decorate pictures of Christmas trees using their fingerprints, use hot chocolate to learn about different states of matter, and utilize the trebuchet (shooter) to "launch" Santa back to the North Pole "since his sleigh was broken."


Other science "stations" included fake snow, slime, magnets, magic milk, and storms in a glass.


"It was a great opportunity for our kindergarten students to work with Lee University students," said Jennifer Wilson, kindergarten teacher at North Lee. "We enjoyed learning about science with hands-on experiments. What a great way to integrate fun and learning!"


PHOTO:  Dr. Lori West is shown here making oil and water ornaments with Molly Kate Withrow, Connor Riden, Brielle Epperson, and Rose LaBean. 

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