Campus News: ​ Dixon Named Honorary Alum of the Year

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​ Dixon Named Honorary Alum of the Year
Merritt Jenkins - 11/18/2019

Dixon Named Honorary Alum of the Year


During Homecoming, Lee University President Dr. Paul Conn named Jerry Dixon the Honorary Alumnus of the Year.


"It is a great personal pleasure to offer the honorary award to Mr. Dixon," said Conn. "He has been one of my heroes for many, many years."


Dixon grew up in the Wake Forest Church of God in North Carolina as an instrumental part of the Farmington Heights Church. He worked with the church, counseling and as a Sunday School teacher and superintendent.


He served on the East Coast Bible College board of directors for eight years and for the Pentecostal Theological Seminary (PTS) board of directors for 24 years. He later served as chairman on the board of trustees for the Church of God benefits board for nearly 20 years.


Beginning with a single McDonald's franchise in Goldsboro in 1970, Dixon built Dixon Foods Group into an enterprise which owns and operates 28 McDonald's restaurants, now under the leadership of his son, Wade.


"They've built a business that has been a remarkable testimony to hard work, treating people right, ambition, and living a life that is committed to the Lord and giving back to the church and to the community," said Conn. "We are so pleased that Lee has been a recipient of Jerry Dixon's generosity. Many of Lee's projects within the last 15 years have been made possible because of Jerry's giving."


His gifts to Lee have funded the Dixon Reading Room and stained glass windows in the School of Religion and the building of the Forum Clock Tower.


"I love Lee and its people, and I am delighted to be a part of this university in what small way I can," said Dixon.

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