Campus News: Psych Majors Deliver Bags to Blythe-Bower Students

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Psych Majors Deliver Bags to Blythe-Bower Students
Kendyl Wadley - 10/9/2019

Lee Psychology Majors Deliver Bags to Blythe-Bower Students


On Tuesday, Sept. 24, students from Lee University's Lifespan Development class delivered Star Bags to students at Blythe-Bower Elementary. Four second-grade classrooms received these personalized gift bags.


According to Dr. Susan Ashcraft, professor of psychology and human development at Lee, each of her students was assigned an elementary student. Each then personally prepared and delivered a goodie bag to the child Tuesday.


"This event gave my students the opportunity to interact with children in a very intentional and personal way," says Ashcraft. "They were able to eat lunch and spend time with their designated student before giving them their gifts. I'm so proud of my students who used their own resources to pack the bags. It was a phenomenal time for making new friends and shining a light of love into a young child's life."


The Lee students were given a list of suggested items, from toothpaste and toothbrushes to school supplies and toys, to fill up each Star Bag.


"This was a great experience of getting to serve and communicate with these children while bringing them toys, hoping that we are making an impact on them that will expand beyond the classroom," says Madison Wickam, one of Ashcraft's students. "It also provided community for myself and my classmates, allowing us to get to know each other outside of class."


Lifespan Development students made 105 Star Bags during their "bag party" on Sept. 19. The bags also included a personalized card for each Blythe-Bower second grader.


"This is an amazing opportunity for our students to receive gifts from Lee students," said Dawn Stansberry, a second grade teacher at Blythe-Bower. "Dr. Ashcraft's students have created an amazing memory for them. This will be a day they will always remember."

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