Campus News: Womack's Class Teaches Fitness Program to Trousdale Students

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Womack's Class Teaches Fitness Program to Trousdale Students
Cana Cooper - 10/6/2019

Lee Education Class Teaches Fitness Program to Trousdale Students


Lee University's Adaptive Physical Education Class recently partnered with Trousdale School to teach Trousdale students a two-week adaptive fitness program.


This program was created in a collaboration of Lee students in Pam Womack's class, a senior lecturer in physical education at Lee, and Leah Wilson, a member of the Trousdale School fitness staff.


"My students created an adaptive fitness program specifically for the Trousdale students and are able to see their work go from one end to the other," said Womack. "It's all a one-on-one mentorship and they are able to coach them the entire way."


Adaptive Physical Education is a two-hour class that meets biweekly. The class works with four different schools throughout the year, the first school was Trousdale. Lee students were able to tour and observe the Trousdale students to evaluate how to properly develop their fitness program.


This year, Trousdale students learned how to play floor hockey and complete various fitness routines under the instruction of Womack and her students. Each Trousdale student was paired with a Lee University student as their "student coach."


"I loved working with the Trousdale students," said Jose Sierra, a Lee University education major. "Meeting Anthony and being his coach was especially life-changing. Being around them is a great feeling. The energy they give us is all positive. I hope in the future I am able to work with them again."


Later in the semester, Womack's students will work with students from Lake Forest Middle's comprehensive disabilities class, Ludic Spectrum Center, and Bradley High School.

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