Campus News: International Women’s Day Hosts Poster Presentation

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International Women’s Day Hosts Poster Presentation
Merritt Jenkins - 4/2/2019

Pictured here is Amanda Hale with her poster presentation, "Phoebe the Deaconess."

Lee recently held a poster presentation in celebration of International Women’s Day. Forty-seven posters on topics pertaining to women’s issues were featured this year in two main categories: Bible & Religion (19 posters), and Politics, Law, and Society (28 posters).


“Each year, the poster session provides students with the platform to explore how we, as humans, have and can bring equality and justice into the world,” said Julie Burchfield, librarian at the Squires Library and poster session coordinator. “Our students raised awareness of how women have positively contributed to society by discussing obstacles women have and have yet to overcome.”


Posters covered a wide range of topics such as women’s suffrage, cultural gender bias and violence against women, Feminist theology in South Korea, and women in the legislature. Students from several different majors were represented including Bible and Theology, communication studies, humanities, intercultural studies, and political science.


The posters were judged by 25 staff and faculty of various disciplines, and cash prizes were awarded to the top four posters in the Bible & Religion category, and to the first, second, and third best posters in the Politics, Law, and Society category.


The highest score from the Bible and Religion division went to Kennedy Brown for her poster “Sacred Feminine: God-Language,” which highlighted the experiences of women that illuminate the ways in which theological God-language has been abused in the church.


Chris Absher took second place with his poster “Overcoming the Maleness of the Historical Jesus,” Chloe Emery took third with “Empowerment Through Divine Imagery: Saint Hildegard of Bingen,” and Emma Posey won fourth with “A Christological Theology of Childbirth.”     


The highest score from the Politics, Law and Society division went to Madison Allen and her poster titled “Are You In or Out? What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Female Professor on a Christian Liberal Arts University?” Her poster addressed the complex implications of inequality, polarization, and the marginalization of women at the workplace.


Richard Farri’s poster, “Sugar, Spice, and AK-47s: Examining Female Participation in Terrorist Groups,” took second place, and Chanmony Miller won third with Hidden in Plain Sight: Another Look at Child Sex Trafficking.”

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