Campus News: Voices of Lee Sings for Wacker in Germany

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Voices of Lee Sings for Wacker in Germany
- 9/16/2018

Voices of Lee recently returned from Germany, where the acapella group was honored to perform for Wacker Corporation in Munich.


Voices' first performance took place in the Wacker Belegschafthaus Hall to a "standing-room-only" crowd of over 1100 people.


"The crowd's exuberance was breathtaking," said Danny Murray, director of Voices of Lee. "When we sang, they cheered us on."  The concert ended with three encores.


Voices also performed at the Wacker Headquarters in Munich. "We got to meet the wonderful employees of Wacker and perform a special concert for them," said Murray. "It was an unforgettable experience."


Aside from performing, the group was treated to sight-seeing in Salzburg, Austria, and Altoetting, and was taken on a boat cruise on Lake Chiemsee, visiting the island and the castle Herrenchiemsee (New Palace). They were also given a tour of the Burghausen Castle, the longest castle in the world, once occupied by the Duke of Germany.


According to Murray, Wacker CEO Dr. Rudolf Staudgil remarked kindly about Voices' visit and the special relationship Wacker has with the United States.


Staudgil first heard the Voices of Lee in 2011 at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Wacker plant in Charleston, Tennessee, and was reintroduced to the group at the plant's dedication and grand opening in 2016. It was at the dedication that Staudgil determined to bring Voices of Lee to Germany.


CEO and site manager for Wacker Tennessee Mary Beth Hudson introduced the group in Germany, saying, "This was a long-range goal come true!"

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