Campus News: Professors Compose Research Rap Song

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Professors Compose Research Rap Song
- 1/22/2018

​The Technomoderation rap team is pictured here (from left to right) Dr. José Ruiz, Lee student Robert Acevedo Jr., and Dr. Luis Almeida. 

​Lee University professors Dr. Luis Almeida and Dr. José Ruiz recently produced an original rap song, "TechnoModeration," which transformed Almeida's research into a musical composition.


"I hope the TechnoModeration rap helps to persuade teenagers and young adults to unplug from smartphones and videos games across the United States," said Almeida, associate professor of communication.


The rap song is a cross-curricular collaboration with the goal of communicating a message about the importance of technomoderation, the idea that people should moderate their use of technology to avoid cognitive, social, and relational consequences.


The song is supported by Almeida's empirical research along with biblical prophecies with the goal of reaching a millennial audience who listen to either secular or Christian hip hop and rap music.


"Almeida and I have been dialoguing about a way the fields of music business and communication arts research can collide," said Ruiz, assistant professor of music business. "This is merely a fun way of testing out the waters of what could potentially become a new genre of music I like to call 'empirical research music.' There is always room to expand." 


Ruiz mentioned that the concept of transforming research into music stirred interest among two professors based in Florida. He has been asked to help summarize their research, from topics as broad as Chinese philosophy to strategies for students to experience college success.


Almeida and Ruiz worked together to co-engineer the piece. The writing process was assisted by hip-hop artist El G.Nie. Almeida provided the vocals for the track, Ruiz played the flute and various instruments, and Lee pastoral ministry major Robert Acevedo Jr., played the conga for the piece. More tracks are planned for the summer of 2018.


Almedia, who has been at Lee since fall 2017, previously worked at Jackson State University as an associate professor of emergent strategic communications. He served as interim department chair and on various committees at the university. He has contributed several chapters in many textbooks relating to creativity in the classroom, Latinos, and education technology.


Ruiz joined Lee's faculty in 2016. He is the recipient of two Latin GRAMMY Award Nominations as well as receiving 45 International Downbeat Student Music Awards. He has served as a film scorer, commercial music composer, and music supervisor for Hayden5Media, LLC since 2010.


For more information about the TechnoModeration song and album, contact Almeida at or Ruiz at


To listen to the song, visit

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