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Race, Trauma, and The Doctrine of Discovery LectureNew9/22/2017
by Mark Charles 10/04/17 @ 7 PM in the Johnson Lecture Hall
Squires Library Extended HoursNew9/21/2017
The library will be open late Sunday, September 24th through Wednesday, September 27th. 
Coffee, Cake, and Theology--Sept. 269/15/2017
Join us for the first in this semester’s two-part series, Why Are Young People Leaving the Church?, as we discuss possible reasons why many in the millennial generation are leaving the church by the masses while others are simultaneously desiring greater expression of high liturgy in the ecclesial life. We will be joined by graduate student panelists Lacy Anderson, Joshua Barrett, Drenda Butler, and Justin Walker, who will offer millennial perspectives on this significant issue facing the American church.
Dorm Wars9/13/2017
October 2nd, 2017 at 8PM in the Walker Arena
Symposium on American Moral Identity8/25/2017
This year’s symposium, titled "Visions of American Democracy", will be held on October 27th-28th and will highlight various perspectives on American moral identity - why does America exist and what is her purpose or potential. 
NYC Model UN Trip 20188/18/2017
NYC Model UN Trip 2018